• Ticket setups: Here you can assign a ticket(task), Assign the stage of progress name, colour, and order to define tickets
  • New Tickets: Create the tickets according to importance, progress, assigned to, categorize, write its summary, description of ticket, file path.
  • All tickets:This is the comprehensive list of all the tickets that are made in the system, for further follow-ups and current pending tasks.


Easy management

Manage all the necessary tasks with ease, ticketing system is an international way of managing businesses.


All your tasks are now time defined and assigned to the person in in-charge everything is logged for further use.


When everything is logged in a clear transparent system, everyone is aware about the pendency, and the work done.

Bird eye view

This system is designed in such a way that the administration at any point and time can look into the tickets and know what are the prime issues and where are they lagging behind.