Chatbots are build to maintain a conversation with a user in natural language, understand the intent and send respective responses based on the business rules and data. Chatbots also use Artificial Intelligence to process language, enabling them to understand human intent. Chatbots are now increasingly being used by businesses to take care of their customer services and as well converting more leads through interactions channels. Chatbots also interact verbally with users using Siri on the Amazon’s Alexa or Apple iPhone.

A front-end interface, which connects to a various channels, such as websites, messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger or Slack, email, etc.. Understanding intent: This element uses natural language processing and machine learning to parse user messages, collect relevant parameters from words and sentences, and map those to actions to take. Another component manages the dialogue by maintaining a representation of the conversational logic and keeping track of context, integration with enterprise applications like ERP, EPM etc to bring insight as per the required intent.

Advantages of Chatbots Simplify applications for users, bring in interaction in the website and other channels than the user endlessly searching for info on a cluttered datas. Operate tireless bots for understanding business insights for CXO management integrating any enterprise applications in a single platform. Orchestrate process through rules and triggers by bots for continuous and repeated processes without any interference of humans for errors. Natural language processing with AI and ML.

If you are looking to:

  • ◾ Focus on ROI on customer interactions
  • ◾ Automate regular interaction process
  • ◾ Sync and streamline your communication channels
  • ◾ Requirements of high availability, security, analytics and monitoring in customer interactions

Our competency in Building Chatbots

Yaanar offers enterprise scale readymade build of Chatbots with AI and ML powered platforms.


Yaanar has amazing team to build bots on AWS. Amazon Lex provides built-in integration with AWS Lambda, AWS MobileHub and Amazon CloudWatch and can easily be integrated with many other services on the AWS platform. AWS platform for security, monitoring, user authentication, business logic, storage and mobile app development are the advantages.

Google Dialogflow

Natural language understanding recognizes a user’s intent and extracts prebuilt entities such as time, date, and numbers. Powered by Google AI and ML products for integrations to 20 plus languages and 14 plus platforms.

Azure - Bot Framework

Azure Bot Service enables you to build intelligent, enterprise-grade bots. We can build from simple to sophisticated bots. Easily connect your bot to popular channels and devices. Bot to understand your users with native integration to Azure Cognitive Services.