This process provides listening and understanding of the existing process of the client – their business model, process, products, market, competition etc. Our process enables the client to focus on their objectives and minimize deviations.

  • ◾ Define Technology and Deliverables
  • ◾ Tailor and Integrate
  • ◾ Pre-implement and Assessment
  • ◾ Measure Outcomes
  • ◾ Re-evaluate and Adapt

We understand our client’s diverse software driven business requirements that demands for a robust agile and versatile frameworks at shortest development cycles. Hence our way of tackling the toughest enterprise demands and developing advanced solutions lies in wise collaboration and integration between technology and our brilliant IT team.

To give the competitive edge, Yaanar undertakes the DevOps way, and promotes a continuous delivery cycle which is also our main highlight. While automation and rigorous monitoring/testing techniques provides a platform for solid solutions at faster pace and also by eliminating technology backlogs and leveraging deep IT insights; we strive to create models that are glitch free.

Yaanar understands that each customer is different and this is also reflected in their software expectations. Yaanar caters to a diverse spectrum of industries with equally diverse IT solutions.