◾ Disk, network and mobile forensics

◾ Malware analysis—static and dynamic

◾ Digital forensics readiness assessment

◾ Network log correlation and predictive analytics

◾ Cyber security incident response policy and framework

◾ Cyber security incident readiness maturity assessment

◾ Indicators of compromise (IOC)—collection, identification and mitigation

◾ Consultancy in setting up of a cost-effective, customer-centric digital forensics facility

◾ Customer Specific Incident Response and Digital Forensics training

◾ Technology fraud investigations

◾ Technology fraud risk assessment

◾ Proactive fraud detection

◾ Fraud prevention

Todays Business Requirements are on:

  • ◾ Enhancing the overall security posture of the organization. Organisations want to Centrally Monitor and Manage the security and incidents for security and compliance needs. They have to setup operational processes to cover multiple locations/countries.
  • ◾ We at Yaanar with our expertis provide solutions to Setup of suitable SIEM/SOC solution and process. We Assess and present the detailed requirement; define roadmap for product selection and design. Integrate log sources including servers, network devices, database and applications; ensure complete coverage across multiple location. We define security incident management processes and content on SIEM solution.
  • ◾ Business Impact
  • ◾ Achieved the log management and regulated compliance requirements
  • ◾ Provided centralized security incidents for rapid identification and response measure.
  • ◾ Integrated Identity Management Solution to enable privileged User Activity Monitoring
  • ◾ Cost effective solutions and enhanced ROI
  • ◾ Setup 24/7 active monitoring for real time alert investigation and resolution