Our solutions and services in these areas:

  • ◾ Enterprise application development – Bringing your fresh ideas to commercially viable new products.
  • ◾ Mobile application development – Mobility solutions from design, prototyping, build and to maintenance and enhancements.
  • ◾ Industrialization solutions
  • ◾ Product consulting, support and customization
  • ◾ Application Maintenance – Changing or enhancing software for addressing the new business demands.
  • ◾ Application Integration, Migration or Transformation - Replacing, migrating and integrating legacy or custom-made systems.
  • ◾ Application Support - 24x7 support system with dedicated team and communication methodology and tools.

With our deep technology expertise and architecting (silos or cloud) skills, we help our customers by rapidly building their product with competitive advantage, to address the needs of the market.

Our specialties:





Microsoft .NET


Messaging and integration

SQL, Oracle

Android and iOS

PaaS (Azure and Amazon Web Services)